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Op Nemesis Organic Cotton Tee

Since 1987, the Japanese whaling fleet has been illegally slaughtering whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, in contravention of international law, Australian law and in violation of IWC regulations. Since 2003, Sea Shepherd has led 10 direct-action whale defense campaigns to Antarctica to intervene against the slaughter. Despite ICJ and Australian Federal Court rulings, no government enforcement in 2015-2016, so Sea Shepherd is returning in 2016-2017 as the only organisation taking direct action. The 2016-17 campaign will be Sea Shepherd’s 13th Southern Ocean Defense Campaign and its 11th defending the whales of Antarctica.The Japanese have doubled their whaling area and cut their self-allocated quota to 333 Minke whales to make it more difficult for Sea Shepherd to find and stop them before fulfilling their hunt.
Please support Sea Shepherd and the Operation Nemesis campaign by purchasing this t-shirt.

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