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Operation Sleppid Grindini Unisex Tee

Sea Shepherd’s Pilot Whale Defense Campaign in the Faroe Islands.

Each year the grind threatens the lives of hundreds of pilot whales and other dolphins...Entire pods of these magnificent animals are brutally and senselessly slaughtered in the Faroe Islands. Like the infamous drive hunts in Taiji, Japan, the grind is a blood-red stain on these otherwise pristine waters.

Sea Shepherd, the leading direct-action marine conservation organization in the world, has led the opposition to the grind since the 1980s. In 2015 Sea Shepherd volunteers descended on the “Ferocious Isles” - patrolling land and sea. Standing strong in our mission: bring the grind to a grinding halt.

• 100% Certified Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral, Sweatshop Free
• Made in India
• Save the Environment – wash cool & line dry
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