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Jolly Roger Marine Flag Large


This larger version is the same flag that has flown on some of our vessels in the Southern Ocean and worldwide on campaigns defending ocean wildlife. The Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger flag has struck fear into the hearts of those who are destroying our oceans by killing whales, seals, sharks, dolphins, and turtles. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

You can show your support for Sea Shepherd and marine wildlife by purchasing this flag to fly on your boat, up your huge flagpole, to frame and hang in your home, wrap fruit in or to give as a present. On your boat or at home, displaying the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger will show the world that you support marine conservation and Sea Shepherd

  • Screenprint on polybunting
  • Sister Clip attachments
  • Marine Grade and made for our Southern Ocean conditions
  • Size: 90cm x 150cm (approx 3 feet x 5 feet )
  • Made in New Zealand. Choice!

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