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Operation Apex Harmony Unisex Tee


Sea Shepherd is committed to defending sharks globally; for an ocean without sharks is a planet without people. These apex predators maintain the balance and health of our precious marine ecosystems that provide us with most of our oxygen. Any attack on nature is an attack on future generations and on ourselves. It’s high time that our governments represent future generations and give sharks the respect and protection they deserve.

The logo was designed by graphic artist and veteran Sea Shepherd crew member, Michael Beasley, who explains "this logo depicts an underwater scene looking up towards the surface where you have sun rays shining down. The focus here is on sharks maintaining biodiversity in the oceans. I've also introduced a human element to show we are able to interact in harmony with these creatures. Everything is swimming around in a circle, or endless balanced loop, however the drumline hook on the right threatens to interrupt that balance by pulling the shark out of the loop."

All Sea Shepherd merchandise is eco-ethical and the new apex harmony t-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and is carbon neutral accredited. It looks and feels great, please support Sea Shepherd by purchasing this item for yourself, family and friends.

• 100% Organic Cotton. 155GSM 
• Made in India 
• Fair Wear Foundation Accredited 
• Operation Apex Harmony Logo Large back 
• Famous Jolly Roger logo printed on front left chest. 
• Protect the Environment – hand wash cool, dispose of grey water in the garden & line dry

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